Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cody baby has decided....

or he "THINKS" he's decided he wants to try his hand at riding bulls.

Big sigh...I keep saying...what doesn't kill us makes us stronger....OVER AND OVER...LOL. He said something to Charles about it...but he also added, but I don't think Mama wants me to...WELL DUH!!! Lawd love that youngin' And people wonder why I don't let some things faze me...it's because I'm sorta kinda numb...**giggles**

Charles said...oh let him...**mama look** to him. He said...well I did it...then he adds...don't look at me like that...LMAO! I said...my point exactly...**giggles**

I guess it's one of those wait and see...and PRAY ALOT!!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Oh I think I've bitten off more then I can chew....

Breathe in...breathe out...DO NOT PANIC!!!!! Okay the shirts are here...and I've just started on them....cross ya fingers....breathe in...breathe out!!!

I do embroidery on the side to help pay for little things...you know like...KIDS...LOL

Anyway....I embroidered a few red polos shirts for a guy that I do embroidery for. He showed the samples to the school and I get an email from him YESTERDAY saying that the school wants 40 shirts, and that he's sending them to me.
THEN he says in the email...oh by the way...they want them by Monday, due to the fact that they have a FALL event on Tuesday...**insert BLANK stare**. I sent him a reply of ROFLMAO. He sent me back one that said....OH PLEASE...OH PLEASE...TELL ME YOU CAN DO THIS. He's NUTS! He has failed to tell me WHEN I would be getting the shirts.

I emailed him back and said....ummm Frankie...it takes me 30 minutes for EACH shirt....that's gonna be 20 HOURS!!!! Funny...I haven't heard back from him yet. So if they show up today...I'll start working on them...and I'm having Cody's 17th birthday tonight...so when everyone leaves...then I'll start back to work on them again. And hopefully will get them done and out of the house by Friday evening.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

English teachers.......aaarrrrrgggghhhhh!

Katie came home from school Friday, on one hand she was tickled to death...she made the volleyball team, but on the other hand she was almost in tears.

She told me that her English teacher had called her and another little girl to his desk on Friday and said to the one little girl...you have 7 AR points and Katie you have 8.5 AR points...it seems that the two of you aren't trying. AR points are points that you receive after you've read a book and take a test. Katie told me Friday that they are optional, but she had told me that she was trying for a goal of 100 this year. And I said more power to ya.

The teacher told of the girls that he was going to give them MORE work so that he will know they are reading, he said maybe even get your parents to sign it. I looked at Katie and said...fine with me, you read to me every night...or if you don't actually read to me, I can see you sitting on the couch reading. She has read 3 books in the last 2 weeks...which is a GREAT accomplishment for her. She read...I Would Tell You That I Love You But Then I'd Have To Kill You and Cross My Heart And Hope To Spy both by Ally Carter. She loved these books, and I said to her while she was reading the last one...do they have the AR test for these books, she replied back to me...I dunno, but I can ask and see if they can get them for me. She's still waiting on the answer. Then we got Heaven Must Look Alot Like The Mall last Saturday and she finished on Monday after school...and again, I said to her, is there an AR test for this book...to which I got the same reply. Now she is reading Twilight and this book does have an AR test worth 12 to 16 points. I asked Katie if she told her teacher she was reading this book...and I got a no ma'am.

I'm afraid that the teacher is now going to take the love of books that she just found away from her because he doesn't think she's trying hard enough. I asked her if she wanted me to call him or email him to tell him what she has read and is waiting on whether or not there's an AR test. Again, I got no ma'am.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Boy miles sure do rack up fast......

Over the weekend I helped my bestfriend move...from Atlanta, GA to Falls Church, VA. I'm not sure exactly how many miles it is...all I can say is...MAN OH MAN is that a LONG ride/drive.

We (Charles and I) left on Thursday night driving to Atlanta...we got there around 11:30PM and I immediately went to bed. We got up around 6AM on Friday morning...that's what time the movers showed up. And they moved boxes and furniture ALL morning long. Charles was driving the rental truck. At around 2PM we left Atlanta and Maril started out driving my car, and when we got to SC I took over the driving. We got to Charlotte, NC around 5PM...just in time for rush hour AND race traffic...LOL. We made it to Winston-Salem, NC around 7:30. Her hubby met us and the 4 of us went to eat. She and Luigi went back to their hotel, Charles and I came home. We hit the sack....ZZZZZzzzzzz (out like a light)by 830PM.

Saturday morning we got up around 4:30AM...left the house to meet up with them so that we could get started on the drive to DC. We pulled out around 6AM...and finally arrived in Falls Church, VA around 1:30 - 2:00PM. We had to go to a public storage place and have 1/2 of one of the trucks emptied. Then we went to their apartment and had the other 1/2 of one truck unpacked. After that Charles moved the one truck and backed the other one up so that it could be unloaded. At this time it was around 5:30PM. Charles got into the rental truck and I got into my car and we left to take the truck back to the rental place. I picked him up, and we hit the road coming back home to NC.

It was midnight when I pulled into the driveway back at Home Sweet Home. I hit the bed as soon as I walked into the house and did NOT move until 8AM Sunday morning and then I only rolled over and went back to sleep.

Talk about a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGG trip....phew! I did tell Maril that I was NOT going to help her move EVER again....LOL

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Why are decisions so hard?

I went outside to feed the dogs yesterday and I noticed that Katie's dog (Rosie) was yelping when the other day just barely touched her. These dogs are around 8 or 9 years old.

Not too long ago Rosie was acting funny, so Charles took her to the vet and she had heartworms (it's a LONGGGGGG story)...the vet treated her and she seem to have gotten better, but now she's back (to me)where she was before and I just don't have the money if the treatment isn't 100% guaranteed.

The hard decision part comes in here...if Rosie continues to get worse, should I have her put down and then if I decide to....do I tell Katie and ask if she wants to go with me or do I act like she just died one weekend while Katie is at her daddys?

I just don't know what to do....I feel like I would be lying to the child (well DUH), but I don't want her to be crying her eyes out.

Big sigh

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Teenage Boys...and clothes washing.....

Poor Cody decided the other night that he "NEEDED" to wash clothes. Here's a little side note...the boy HAS jeans, but for some reason he likes only ONE pair. So he decides he needs to wash his jeans...LOL.

He puts the dark colored clothes in the washer and then goes...what do I do now? So I got up off the couch and walked him thru the process...NEVER knowing or even thinking about the drying process...LOL.

After the clothes were washed (I was fast asleep by this time), he put the clothes in the dryer. The next day I came home from work and he had folded the clothes...yep, my bras and panties were in that pile of folded clothes.

Well at that moment I thought to myself...WELLLLLLLLLLLL....you will never get back into THOSE again. I walked into his room and sat on the bed and said....Cody honey?....can I tell you one little thing about drying clothes? He cut his eyes to me and said...ummmm...you'll never fit into those again? I looked at him and just laughed and said....you got it....I went on to say...do NOT EVER dry a females bra and panties...it's just an unwritten law. He looked at me and grinned innocently and said....yes ma'am.

I tell ya what...I love that boy...which is a good thing, or I would make him wear my panties so he could see how it feels...LOL

Sunday, September 9, 2007

NAS Oceana Airshow 2007

I went with a couple of friends to Virginia Beach over the weekend and we went to the NAS Oceana Airshow. Cindy had gotten us tickets to sit in the executive chalet. But on the way there while in the parking lot there was a car to our right and Cindy says....I don't care if it's Rudy...don't let him in and Mike...well he let him in...and we all went...OMGosh IT IS RUDY!!!! (from Survivor)...LOL

After we parked and got thru the gate, we were walking to the chalet and this NAVY guy driving a golf car limo stopped in front of us and asked if we would like a ride....we looked at each other and said...SURE! Then we looked at him and said...why us? He said it was his job, and I burst out to laughing and said...what's your job, getting the old people from out of infront of the gate? He started to laugh, and said...nah, just to drive around and give people rides. We were like how cool is this? And if you read Sin's blog she'll do a better job at this then I will...LOL.

But we got there and the show was wonderful...plus the fact we were UPCLOSE too. She, Mike and I got challenge coins from the group of guys that actual fly the F22 Raptor.

We left the airshow, went back to the hotel, got our chairs and Cindy and I walked down to 31st Street Park and listened to the NAVY band playing (Mike had finally joined us)...and after the band finished, you heard whistles blowing and I looked up and said to Cindy....ummm...here come the Blue Angels...and they (the pilots and all the crew) walked into the park and right in front of us

They stayed in the park for a little meet and greet.

I know I had a great time and I would like to thank both Cindy and Mike for letting me tag along. And WOW...I didn't notice that the date was THAT far off on my camera.